Corporate Services

Tax, legal and corporate consultancy

  • Tax reporting for natural and legal persons, representation and assistance to deal with competent offices and during tax inspections.
  • Tax consultancy for individuals calculated on expenditure.
  • Requests for work and residence permits.
  • Tax planning at national and international level.
  • Company consultancy for cost optimisation.
  • Restructuring, reorganisation, mergers, liquidations, and corporate transfers.
  • Consultancy for acquisitions or termination of company activities.
  • Consultancy on the application of double taxation agreements.
  • Evaluation and study of interventions to be taken to optimise the tax burden of natural and legal persons.
  • Recruitment of tax representatives in the field of direct and indirect taxes, and special taxes.

Trust services

  • Preparation of financial and analytical accounting, ordinary and consolidated annual accounts.
  • Wage accounting, complete with social security charges, withholding taxes, etc.
  • Preparation of VAT statements.
  • Administration and secretariat of Swiss and foreign companies.
  • Administrative, accounting, and business consultancy.
  • Establishment and management of joint-stock companies in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Consulting for the establishment and management of family foundations.
  • Trustee registration and recognition of Swiss and foreign trust mandates.
  • Corporate domiciliation, representation, and provision of corporate bodies.

Corporate audits

  • Auditing of joint stock companies.
  • Auditing of reports on the establishment of companies.
  • Auditing of companies’ capital increase reports.